My Summer

This summer, I feel like a lot of things will already start to change. I will probably end up working more. I won’t have to go to morning cross country workouts because I’m not in it anymore. This might open up more time to spend with friends that I don’t get to hangout with much though. I don’t have many travel plans and the longest I’ll be gone is for one week in June. I feel like I can definitely have more time to myself to really relax because I never have time. A typical day for me this past school year has been getting up at 5:45am, going to school, having track or cross country practice, then going to work until at least 9:30. But most nights I end up working until 10 or closing, which leaves me exhausted for the next day. Because of this, I never had time to de-stress or catch up on sleep. I think some of my grades could have been better because I did fall asleep or nod off a lot in different classes. Especially college trigonometry. (Sorry, Garrison.) I’m hoping this summer will give me more time to myself because I really want to get back into reading more. That’s one of the biggest things I miss.


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