It’s All Coming to an End

With graduation happening in two weeks from today, I just now realized how much is ending in my life. I have run on the school cross country team in all three years of middle school and all four yewrsof high school, run track for all four years of high school, been in a high school church group that meets on Sunday and Wednesday nights, been in choir since sixth grade, and done many theatre things throughout the years. Now that I’m going to college, none of this is really happening anymore. I don’t think I’m fast enough to run on the UIndy cross country and track teams, I don’t know if they have a choir or theatre type of program for me to participate in and I obviously can’t go to a high school church group when I’m not a high schooler anymore. I feel like it’ll make things a lot less hectic and that I’ll be able to hangout wth friends more, but when they go off to college we’ll all be farther away from each other and can’t hangout as much then either. On top of that, my boyfriend is going to basic training this August for the national guard. With all of this going on, I feel like that time where he’s gone and college has started, I’ll be alone. I’m staying home and commuting to campus but my friends will be miles away. I’m having so much anxiety and stress because I am kind of scared for the future. What will happen to all of the relationships I have? Will I still be able to keep good relationships with all of my friends? I really hope so.


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