Graduating is Stressful

So I thought that this time during my senior year would be pretty easy. I pictures it as smooth sailing where all I had to worry about were finals and I even thought I could S to the 5th some of them. That’s not the case. Not only can I only exempt the choir final, but there are a lot of essays due for Vincennes University on top of college class finals. I have to plan a lot of my graduation open house on my own cause my parents have out a lot of the decisions on my shoulders. I even had to make my own invites. Luckily my mom is sending them cause there are some family members I completely would have forgotten to send one to. I also didn’t realize that we had so many rehearsal things and parties to get through before the actual graduation. I also didn’t realize how many other open houses I would be invited to. I actually have to pick and choose which ones to go to whereas in the past I might have been invited to one. This is so much going on at once that I’m so ready for this to all happen already!


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