The Struts, Live at Old National Center 5/15/17

This time last year I had the priviledge of meeting this super awesome band called The Struts. I didn’t get to see their concert because it was at the Vogue and I’m not 21 obviously, so I couldn’t go. My aunt, however, got us passes to see them perform a live acoustic session on the radio downtown at the Sunking Station. (She works for Klipsch and that was how she was able to do that.) This year, the band came back to Indianapolis but they performed at Old National Center. So I got to go!

First of all, this was standing room only and it was really packed. So we weren’t up front but we were pretty close to the stage. But of course, all of the six foot tall people decided to stand right in my line of view to the stage. People kept trying to shove past us and get to the front. People kept pushing forward slowly throughout the show until I couldn’t move very much. At one point, two college girls shoved forward adn started jumping up and down right behind us and it shoved me to the side into some older woman. Also, on their way out, two older adults spilled beer on my sandals. So that was nice.

Now that that little mini rant about the place is over, I can continue. This concert was amazing! The opening bands were ones I had never heard of, but they were realy good and I might honestly listen to them more. One trend going on was that all of the lead singers were cute and the instrumentalists had long hair. When Luke Spiller, who is the Struts’ lead singer, came out he was wearing a gold sequin top and had sparkles on his cheeks and he was so cute! Within minutes he was drenched in sweat. He changed into two other outfits throughout the show. My favorite outfit was his last one. It was a silver sparkly jacket with a matching top hat. They played all of their songs (they only have one album, but are currently working on a second one). So of course they played my favorite songs, “Roll Up,” and “Dirty Sexy Money.” The other members of the band include the guitarist Adam Slack, the bassist Jed Elliott, and the drumer Gethin Davies. I highly recommend looking up their music because they are really good. If I ever had the chance, I would love to see them live again, hopefully once their second album is released.


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